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Tim May: Home

<p> Hi de ho there. Welcome to the Twit Singer (That's me) web page. A web page in which I get to boost my own ego on. So sit back, relax and enjoy. </p>

Phatrags: Shirts to Offensive to show you - November 5, 2005

Ya I know, now I'm selling out to the man. Hey what can I say, I'm just trying to make a buck. So go ahead and hit the link page. Buy a t-shirt and I'll make a few bucks. Hell I'm not making any money with my music.

Still here. - December 29, 2004

Still waiting for a guitarist. John is getting better. All it takes is time. So I changed my site again.

WOW! Another new look. - September 21, 2004

Got bored with my web site again. So I changed it once again. Still hoping to get something started soon. For those of you that didn't know. My friend John who was to be the guitarist for the new band was in a bad accident back in May and has been recuperating. He is doing much better now and hopes to be playing soon. So hopefully we will be playing in the near future.

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