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Tim May: Bio

Oh good God, now I have to talk about myself. Well it all started many, many moons ago. My Dad met my mom and they..... Okay maybe that's to far back. Well let's see. I didn't really start singing until my late 20's. Then I found kareoki (Did I spell that right?) Then I got together with my friends Mike and Tim and a few other guys and started a band call The Swamp Gas Junkys. We played for about a year then it just fell apart. (I hate when that happens.) So a few years later in 94 Mike and another friend Jim ask me if I wanted to play a one time show with some other friends that played. (I think there were about 13 of us.) That show went over so well that we decided to do it again a month later. It was at that time a few of us started to play more often and 10 years 6 drummers 3 bass and 2 lead guitar players later the Skinny Little twits are still playing. Although I am no longer in the band. I have decided to try something else.
More to come later.